zaterdag 21 april 2007

Shnorhavoranqner Gagik Hovhannisianin

President of FIDE Zone 1.5, Member of FIDE Executive Board, 6th World Chess Amateur Champion Gaguik Oganessian turns 60 on April 21, 2007.

Oganessian is also General Secretary of Armenian Chess Federation since 1971, Editor-in-Chief of “Chess in Armenia” Magazine since 1972, Presenter of weekly chess program on Armenian National TV since 1972, Vice Chairman of FIDE CHIPS Committee, FIDE International Chess Organizer, FIDE Master, Chess “Oscar” Holder (for organization of 32nd World Chess Olympiad, 1996). Oganessian is the author of 31 chess books in Armenian, English, Russian.

Name of Gaguik Oganessian is included in the FIDE “Gold Book” of 1999.


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